Is it just me or does anyone else like to write this way too?

I find myself writing (usually in my journal) in many different parks, baristas & bars across the world because there’s just something about the environment of people moving so fast around you, whilst you’re sitting there completely lost in the words you write.

For me, I always have to be somewhere away from anyone I know, in a place I’ve typically never been before – how I draw my inspiration. By which I mean; it creates that “environment” I mentioned just before, for me to zone out. I’ll look up every now and then, staring straight at something like a flower, a statue, a patch of grass, an old man simply trying to cross the road and not realise it at all – I’m totally “in the zone” and basically describing where I am writing from right now but you get what I mean…..

Anyway my point is, sometimes in those moments when staring away I catch myself just for a second doing so, then I’ll lean back into the back of my seat and just for a moment take in my surroundings.